Objectives of SafeFoundedRocket

Scalability and Efficiency: We aim to address scalability concerns by implementing a cutting-edge consensus mechanism and optimizing the network for speed and efficiency. which could one day take off “to the moon” and make a large profit.

User-Friendly Interface: We recognize the importance of providing a seamless and intuitive user experience. SFR will offer user-friendly wallets and interfaces to make crypto accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise.

Stability and Predictability: SFR will introduce mechanisms to reduce price volatility, making it a more reliable store of value and a practical means of exchange.

Regulatory Compliance: We are dedicated to working with regulators to ensure that SFR adheres to legal and compliance standards, fostering trust and legitimacy within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


presale & Liquidity Pool (LP) - 40% & 17.64%:
This portion of the tokens (40% & 17.64%) will be dedicated to providing liquidity for the trading pairs of your cryptocurrency on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Uniswap or PancakeSwap. Liquidity is crucial for ensuring a healthy and active trading ecosystem.

Burn - 41.56%:
The majority of tokens (41.64%) will be reserved for a buyback mechanism. The buyback mechanism involves using a portion of the project's revenue or profits to periodically purchase tokens from the open market.

Symbol: $SafeFundedRocket

Supply: 100M

  • 41.56% Burnt
  • 40% Presale
  • 17.64% Liquidity
  • 0.8% Unlocked


  • • $SafeFundedRocket initial idea

  • •Team alignment

  • •Distribution of roles with pillars of the sectors

  • •Whitepaper Creation

  • •Website Development

  • •Creation of social networks

  • •KYC Validation

  • •Smart Contract Security Audit

  • •Token Sale on Pinksale

  • •Buyback Feature LIVE

  • •PancakeSwap Listing

  • •Post Launch Massive Marketing

  • •Listing on the main exchanges

  • •Coingecko Listing CoinMarketCap Listing

  • •Additional Utility Development

  • •Farming and staking dapp

  • •Exchange listings

  • •Mobile App Android and IOS devolopment update

  • •Multiple Coin Site Listings

  • •IOS Application Testing

Work Process

Future ecosystem

$SelfFundedRocket aims to be the next big MemeCoin that will be used for solving real-world problems. With the volatility and uncertainty that plagued the crypto market, leaving many investors wary. Determined to make a change, $SafeFundedRocket is here not only serve as a store of value but also offer a unique safety net for its users.

SelfFoundedRocket Dreams

After achieving all our milestones within a small-time frame. Listing on over 10 cex/dex platform, coinmarketcap and coingecko, smart-contract security audits and multiplepartnerships.

We want to make SafeFoundedRocket known across the world. We will market Rocket around the world using digital advertisement campaigns, social media marketing, content marketing and many more.

Competitiveness is important. It encourages us to push further. It sets a higher goal, a steeper growth curve. It makes us do things we’ve never dreamed of. It unlocks our true potential by coming up with crazy ideas, by thinking out of the box.

selffundrocket has so much in store for the future!

Work Process